Coach ICF


If you have ever wondered if coaching is for you -the answer sounds yes! Under conditions - if you want to change something in your life. I'm sure, that Agnieszka can help you with this. She is fair, honest, objective and professional. She is a person who actively listens and tries to understand you and doesn't judge. Just take a chance and trust her.

In my case Agnieszka helped me to develop personally and to tame extroverted character, keep a distance, calm down internally and see important decisions. After a year at the end of the session I may say so. And I will add that I am happy! Aga thank you for that!

Marta Masiuk


Agnieszka Polarczyk-Białek is a professional and effective coach, who thanks to her commitment and reliable competence helped me to achieve the goal of which I was very anxious. The problem I worked on with Agnieszka, for me was a huge challenge, but we managed it thanks to the coaching! Workshop and her positive attitude and doping has played a significant role in my success and I am very grateful for that to Agnieszka. I'm sure that I will return to Agnieszka with new challenges.

Aleksandra Motriuk, owner of the InterComm


Training the mind, personality, work on behavior and sometimes over values. Honesty, trust, respect, professionalism, lack of restrictions, the desirability of [...]. These and many other terms represents the person who will help you to understand yourself and change a little bit your view of reality that surrounds us. Did you imagine that the answer to the simple questions, you are able to answer on your own are the way to get to the objective pursued? This is possible, just take the right coach, such as Agnieszka.

Wit – satisfied „coachee”


While working with Agnieszka, I discovered new possibilities of planning my career. I discovered that the possibilities are literally on the ground. You just have to notice it. Best of all, all these things were inside me, she just had helped me to bring it out.

Marek – engineer working In a Corporation.



Cooperation with Agnieszka, as a coach is my first approach to coaching. Previously, I had to deal with coaching with another coach. So, with a full responsibility, I can assess the effectiveness of work. In addition, the possibility of a comparison made me realize how important is a good coach in my way to "freedom" (of my mind). Agnieszka is my coach. We have had several sessions where I could work on different problems, both professional as well as those that strongly interfere in my private life. Each session with Agnieszka ended with success, while I knew that I made a step forward. Some of them discovered that the problem lies somewhere else than I thought – which is not without significance.

Agnieszka is a demanding coach, but her professionalism and passion in what she does, gives intangible benefits, trust, openness, a willingness to talk and an individual approach are key factor to the success in coaching. To trust and open up to your own problems important is the fact that you are yourself, and Agnieszka helps to understand it..

Am I satisfied with the cooperation with Agnieszka? Did I find the essence of problems? Do you have found the right direction in solving them? The answer is simple: 3xYES!

Our cooperation continues - working on new topics.

Michał–a global leader in an automotive company.


I met Agnieszka when I was confused and angry at the whole world. She told me about her passion, coaching, and after 2 years of her help I can definitely sign under it with both hands. She did not have to persuade me to participate in coaching sessions, because when I listen to it is the irresistible urge to go with her to the end of the world. Thus began my journey with the professional support of a new chapter in my life.

Personal coaching (life) runs with me, thanks to our sessions I learned how to achieve goals and pursue them. I analyze the situation and draw from it what's best for me. I learned to focus on their strengths and develop them.

Agnieszka is a professional in every way. She always sees the potential in people, which effectively infects others.

I hope that our cooperation will continue for the next few years, because the work of Agnieszka wings.

Dominika Wójtowicz