Coach ICF

Life coaching

What is it?

This type of coaching is based on the discovery of dormant skills, finding resources and the potential which is inside you. It is also self-understanding, as a result, it focuses on what is important to you.

In dialogue with the coach we are working on a change of consciousness, building a new "self" as a human capable of realizing what you care about most.

Life coaching is work on yourself, searching and finding answers to the questions: "Who am I?" And "Who will I be?".


What do you gain ?

Life coaching is a process by which you attain everything, what you really care about, mainly:

  • permanent change for the better,
  • confidence,
  • you will be able to realize it which direction you want to go,
  • and to build a completely new consciousness.

Coaching is measurable and effective. The condition of the positive effect, is consistency and willingness to cooperate!


To whom the offer is jest addressed?

  • To the conscious parents of children aged 3-12 years old, who want to build and maintain relationships with their children.
  • For men and women who want to achieve sexual satisfaction with their relationship, regardless of their seniority.
  • For people who want to get rid of bad habits, make healthy and sustainable habits and maintain them.
  • For people starting work or standing before deciding which career path to choose.
  • For people who have acquired professional experience, but want something more and are in need of change.
  • The athletic trainers who want to build a sporting spirit in their teams, and thus achieve better results.
  • For athletes, and others who want to develop their skills and achieve better results.
  • For people who want to increase their earnings, improve their living standards and achieve financial independence.
  • For people who had a turn in life and do not know what to do next.
  • For people who repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to fight obesity.
  • For people who repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to fight being underweight.
  • For those seeking a balance between work and private life.
  • For people who believe that change is possible at every age.
  • For people who want to cope with their emotions.
  • For people who have dreams and are wishing them to make real.
  • For people who want to discover themselves and be happy with their life.
  • For parents who want to improve the relationship with their children.
  • For people who want to build long-term partnerships.


If you find yourself in the list above, do not wait, contact me and I will bring the help you!