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Business coaching

Types of business coaching

Executive coaching

This type of coaching is aimed at high-leveled managerial staff, also to foreigners. It is based on a common diagnosis development areas and developing them together with the client. The aim of this type of coaching is to develop competencies and managerial skills of the individual session with the coach, who helps to discover potential and focus on the realization of tasks. Executive coaching involves concluding a tripartite contract between the coach, the client and the sponsor, in which objectives of the process are recognized and agreed. Purpose is conctracted in accordance with the definition of SMART, making the process is measurable and the effect is visible for the parties concerned.

What can you gain?

Executive coaching benefits not only the manager but also his team, superiors and the entire company.

Through this process the manager gets better with :

  • recognizing their skills,
  • coping with the setting of priorities,
  • organizing their work,
  • managing the team,
  • effectively implementing targets.

And most of all in a conscious way do their role and gets better at hard obstacles.

Sales coaching

This type of coaching is aimed at managers / marketing managers and sales teams, responsible for direct customer services, sales coaching because it plays a significant role in the sales and sales growth.

What can you gain ?

During individual sessions coaches bring all the resources to customers and strengthens them by changing consciousness. Coaching guarantees the effect of the process, because the tools by which customers change their attitude and commitment.

In contrast to the group training provides personalized coaching change "coachee" using their potential, and with a view to put his goals and their own satisfaction.

Managers will gain:

  • more motivation,
  • full commitment,
  • a high efficiency,
  • more efficient implementation of sales plans,
  • an ability to use coaching tools to improve the efficiency of their work.

Additionally, after the completion of the process managers participate in the supervisions of the coach as a support for an independent implementation of knowledge and skills of his subordinates.

The company will gain:

  • improvement of the effectiveness of sales,
  • professionalism,
  • the employee will be aware of their strengths,
  • Employees will enrich their necessary skills, which certainly will use to achieve the company's goals.

Team coaching

This process is aimed to project teams, people working teams, which is important for cooperation, interdependence and common goals. It consists in building a good relationship and atmosphere between the team members, teams and others, teams and leaders, so as to improve the effectiveness and results of a joined work .Ten kinds of coachings are also addressed to assemblies where conflicts arose. Facing new challenges from which the company expects greater efficiency.

What can you gain ?

Through individual sessions, members of the team::

  • meet his better side,
  • better understand thei role in the team,
  • achieve the objectives set by the company,
  • gain a sense of belonging and high motivation.

Company employees will be::

  • motivated,
  • involved,
  • able to work independently and in multiple teams,
  • understand the philosophy and vision of the board,
  • achieving goals given by the board,
  • working effectively and with a passion,
  • feeling fulfillment,
  • aware of their skills and competence in the effective resolution of conflicts in the team and beyond.

To whom the offer is addressed?

  • For people who want to discover their potential and / or face a decision that will change their lives for the better.
  • For people who want to acquire the competencies needed to achieve professional success.
  • For those seeking a balance between work and private life.
  • For the managers of the people who want to be effective leaders.
  • For managerial staff wishing to achieve goals, increase efficiency and at the same time be a mentor for his subordinates.
  • The leaders, who want to build effective teams.
  • For professionals who want to improve the quality of their work and achieve self-realization.
  • For business owners who want to improve performance, increase sales and the number of satisfied customers.
  • For people who want to cope with their emotions better.


Do you have some questions regarding to the offer? for more details, connected to any type of coaching – please contact me, and I will help you increase the efficiency of your work!!