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About me

My name is Agnieszka Polarczyk-Białek I will help you to Discover your way, to achieve your goal , using your potential. Meet me!


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I believe that everyone has a mission in life. Mine is to help people. I have found myself working as a coach, and I want to share my skills with others.


I am a coach and a member of the ICF Global. I work accordingly to the standards of the International Coach Federation and I help people to achieve their private and professional goals. My passion are the people who believe that everything can be achieved and changed. Therefore, the work of coaching gives me a great satisfaction and a joy -drawn on the face of my clients, is a priceless advantage. My features are : openness, honesty and provocative style of work, which is effective and measurable. I work with people of every age and with a different baggage of experience. I have many years of corporate experience, I worked in production companies, based on the philosophy of Lean, Automotive industry. I conducted more than 800 individual sessions and I know how to unite soft skills with the strict mind of a engineer.


I finished the University of Economics in Wroclaw with the title of MSc of the Technology of production. I also graduated from postgraduate studies of Labour Law and Administration of the University In Poznań, also i finished postgraduate studies - Family Mediation, Business and Criminal of the Wroclaw University of Economics. In addition, I completed my studies at the Institute of Professional Coaching of the Comunication and Development Mukoid ,according with the standards of the International Coach Federation (certificate).

I acquired experience working as a mediator, helping to resolve conflicts and reach agreements based on the principle of win-win. I have many years of experience in running copyright workshops of soft skills: conflict management, interpersonal communication, building relationships, assertiveness, building effective teams ,control of emotions and coping with stress. Also, I have experience in conducting classes with students, graduates who are already experienced In their proffession.


I invite you to talk with me and I guarantee, at the end of the meeting I will hear these words from your mouth : „Now I know!”„Now I get it!” – I hear them almost at every meeting.